Body contortions

As I’m working on Carry On Wayward Son, there are some fast spots, and I find I’m moving my body more than I normally would. I don’t think it’s giving me any mechanical advantage, but somewhere I probably developed a belief that if I lean into it, it’ll help me nail those triplets.

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 3.25.03 PM

I’m kind of wondering how “dangerous” a habit this is…or is it just the beginning of “feeling” the music? I’m new to “feeling” the music - the other day my wife was commenting about how usually people follow things they have some natural talent with…but I find the bass so much fun and all the learning challenges I have are pretty interesting to me too. This is a School of Rock song too, so I’m wondering how muted I should try and make my movements in preparation for the show…but I’m leaning towards doing whatever I need to do to get the notes/rhythm right, regardless of what I look like.

So just curious about whether these movements are part of the process, or a bad habit that I should try and nip in the bud?


This started to happen to me on “Oh So Quiet”, in a very noticeable way. I was rotating my wrist and doing goofy thing with my fingers and was scolded by my bass instructor. From his POV your body can move but not your hands wrists into positions they shouldn’t be otherwise bad habits form.

I worked on eliminating it and it went away quite quickly.


That would be my take on your concern, @cbaray . . . :slight_smile:

Except for bad positioned fingers and wrists, etc. as @John_E points out, you’re free to feel the music and move with it all you want . . . :wink:

(Imagine Angus Young standing as still as a statue while playing live :roll_eyes: )

Cheers and good luck to you