Boss GEB-7 Equalizer Pedal

Any experience with this bass pedal from anyone in the forum?? Trying it out just as a half-hearted experiment because I’ve heard good things about it, but not sure if it’ll bring the kind of sound I’m looking for. Mainly rock and reggae influenced in my playing and just testing this out to see how it performs. Thanks in advance to any input and much love to all of the lovely people engaged in this forum!!


I have one on my wish list. It’s 6 sliders of EQ and one slider of boost. More of a utility pedal than something specific for any particular genre of music.


No experience, but the GE-7 is quite popular.

For reggae and rock you might want to look at compression, chorus or subtle overdrive effects too. It really depends on the sound and style you are after.

Personally I never felt the need for an extra EQ pedal. I just use my preamps for any tone shaping.


Same here. I get all of the essential tone shaping I need from my amp but I don’t deny that an EQ pedal can be good to own. The Danelectro Fish n’ Chips is cheap and effective but at moment it’s in my closet with a few others I have no immediate need for.