Boss Harmonist PS-6

Hey @John_E, I just noticed you have the Boss Harmonist pedal on your board.
What do you think about it?
How well does it work with bass?


My first ever pedal, bought to harmonize sax, and works pretty cool with it.
Play a tenor, add an alto or soprano or bass, etc.
Not exactly natural sounding but darn good.

It works really well in the upper registers in bass, but then gets a bit glitchy and tracking slows really low, but you can play high and let it do the lower notes vs. the other way and it is cleaner. The glitch can be fun though.

I have my expression pedal connected to it too which goes from no harmony to full, or in pitch shift mode from dry to wet and since it has a 7 octave range, things can get really weird.

It is a fairly complex pedal, with half the features coming out of one output and half out the other. i am sure I can program my C4 to do everything it does, and it will probably do it better (tracking, etc) but haven’t figured that all out yet - don’t need to, cause I have this.

My one and only complaint (about all Boss pedals) is they power up in the on mode. Alexa turns on my pedalboard and the two boss and te VT bass DI have to be dis-engaged every time.

There are cleaner harmony pedals out there, I just never bothered to look.

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Nearly all pedals are powered on whenever they are plugged in and there is a cable in the input, but unlike Boss most remember the bypass state :slight_smile:

Some people mistakenly think bypass switches are on/off switches. Usually they are not (but confusingly sometimes they are).

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Not all Boss pedals do this. From what I understand to has something to do with the true bypass.