Boss Katana Bass Combos

A new contender enters the ring…


Sweet! The guitar version is really solid


I look forward to checking out this amp!


cries laughs in overpriced expensive fantastic-sounding Darkglass


Cheekiness aside, this sounds like a Good Thing :tm: and I hope they release more for the range. Like a smol head and cabinets. I like that they don’t specifically name things after amps. I mean I’m sure “vintage” is an Ampeg SVT, but yeah.

A lot of versatility in these amps for sure. They are much cheaper than the competition for what you get.


Can hardly wait to buy one so it can sit next to my Katana 50 that I rarely use :joy:


Sounds really interesting.

I have thought several times about buying a Katana 50, but didn’t think I would use it enough over my Laney Lionheart L5 Studio to justify the cost, and I only play at home so don’t really need any extra power.

Besides I need to spend some time getting to know my new Boss-IR200 pedal before I even think about another amp!

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If you already have the IR-200, I’d say you don’t need another amp, because you already have more than enough amps, kinda.

If you need something louder than your current amp, all you need is a bigger power amp (The Boss IR-200 already is a preamp, isn’t it?)

Yeah. You just need a FRFR speaker for all the amp and cab sims.

I know I don’t need another amp, but that is not the same thing as wanting another amp :grinning:


I’m not sure what you mean by an FRFR speaker. I have a pair of Yamaha HS-8 monitors and matching sub-woofer, do they qualify?

I have a lot of Roland and Boss gear and have no problems with any of it but this new combo may not be as value efficient as the original Katana’s (mainly for guitar). I almost bought a Katana 50 V2 for home cause it was a nice practice unit for both guitar and bass.

The price of the Katana Bass 210, which is only 160W, is equivalent to the Fender Rumble 500. It has a lot less wattage but weights 12lbs more. Is that really worth it when I can get the Rumble and just plug an effects system (ie GT-1B) into it? You could even get a new Rumble 200 and an decent effects board for less.

What do you think?

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studio monitors are definitely FRFR, or they should be. You could, in theory, get a small/cheap mixer, plug into it, and then connect the monitors to its outputs.

I did not expect a $650 price tag on the 2x10 tbh. That same price will get you a Peavey MAX 300 and a floor effect unit; the foot controller for the Katana is extra, too. I feel like the 210 should be $500 or something; the 60W 1x10 is $400; it’s not a lot more power on the bigger amp, and a second speaker/larger enclosure, for $250 more. That just seems wrong to me.


FRFR stands for “full-range, flat-response” speakers — studio monitors should be the Platonic ideal of FRFR speakers.


The Rumble is a class D amp, the Katana is class AB.
The Katana power supply is going to be a lot heavier than the SMPS in the Rumble.

I guess the next question is whether the output and fidelity justify the weight (and price) especially for only 160W?

As a comparison Mesa’s Subways are class D and I dare say, out preform many AB amps. It’s one of the reasons I sold off my Mesa Walkabout. The new tech is changing the game, for me anyhow.


You must be new here :joy:


The boss katana 100 guitar amp goes from $400 for the 1x12 to $535 for the 2x12 so that’s $135 for just the 2nd speaker.

The Katana 50 is $270, so that’s $265 for 50W, an extra speaker and a few other little things like an FX loop. And that’s for a 2nd generation product that very likely sells way more units than a bass amp will.

I think I’d be more inclined to buy an Ampeg Rocket 210 but for home and small gigs the Boss has great features :slight_smile:

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They seem pretty cool. Guess the 110 is possibly competing with the Rumble Studio 40 which is an amp I’ve considered buying (currently have a Rumble 15 from a Squire starter pack).

Reasonably good demo in the video (was listening more than watching). Didn’t say much about the 110 though.