Boss RC-10R or RC-500?

So, after watching @JoshFossgreen 's live yesterday, I got on the search for a loop pedal and ended up looking at the Boss RC-10R and the RC-500. Both offer what I want: a looper with a drum machine. The price difference is minimal so at this point, I need someone to tell me which way I should go. I understand the RC-500 is a lot for a bass/guitar player not playing gigs, just for practice and fun. So the R-10R would be good enough especially because it offers a better drum machine as many reviews mentioned. But also there are so many bad reviews saying it’s very complicated to operate with only two switches.
Very confusing. My heart wants to go for the 500 because the more features for the “same” money but I don’t want to end up short on the drum machine.
I greatly appreciate any advice.

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I have the 10R. I remember comparing the two and determined that the 10r has better drum engine I believe it’s from a v-drums module. I only want for a simple loop and not really care much about drum functions but it’s nice to have great sounds.

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Any issues with the RC10?

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Yes one. Big one. I only use less than 10% of its capability and that’s pushing for me already, lol.

It’s a feature pack looper you can really do a whole bunch with it.

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That’s a good issue.

As you probably know from your research already the biggest difference between the 2 is the rhythm section. The 10R is the rhythm focus looper with drum intros/ending as well as fills variations and grooves patterns.

The 500 is newer with more looping options and more live performance features. Plus more than double the looping time at 13 hours vs 6 hr on the 10R which means nothing to me because I’d use very little of that.

Whichever pedals you choose you’d want to get the foot pedals to bring out the full features and make your life easy.