Boss vs Zoom Multieffect

As a present, I have been given the choice between the Zoom B2 Four and the Boss GT 1-B. If you have experience with either or both, can you please relate it to me?

Which one, in your view, is better for sound quality and effect selection?

I have gone through the owner’s manuals but I cannot quite figure them out.

Thank you!


Do you need effect? What kind of music do you play?

I have the GT 1b, I don’t know if I like it that much. It’s an incredible machine but you gotta dig in to get things dialed. Life is much more simple with pedals, lol. A lot of the presets and functions are pretty gimmicky, like fretless effect, and some kind of robot thing.

There are a lot to do, you just have to get each user preset setup to your liking, once to your ears and then dial it in how you stand out in the mix. If you are in to overdrive and distortion this might be for you.


I actually have and use the Boss GT-1B exclusively. The magic is once you access Boss’ Tone Central on the computer. Any parameter you want to adjust is at your fingertips. It opens up the full capability of the unit and you can tailor your sound to perfection. I have several pre-sets that I have made that are perfect for the different basses that I have. I also have an older Zoom but love the flexibility of the Boss so much more. As Al1885 said, the presets are gimmicky although I have found several that were really good. Modern Tube, Modern Drive, and some of the slap pre-sets are really, really good. You just have to play around with it. The adjustability can be overwhelming at first and you spend a lot of time just tweaking things to see what they do. But once you understand Tone Central and the Tone Library, the bass world is yours.


I am learning the foundations of the instrument and I am more into funk and classic rock. I actually don’t need effects right now, to be honest, but it’s a gift from my family, so I would like to get the better of the two.

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With Tone Library and Tone Central, you can set it up to deliver all the classic rock and funk tones you could ever imagine. Everything is adjustable.


Is it possible to preview the tones you create through the desktop app?