Boston music

Anyone into Boston
Have a go at this
“Cryin” not sure if it’s off third stage or corporate America?
Cheers Brian

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I like Boston, but I am not quite up to speed to play that!

Hi @kwt7667,
Thanks for your response, it’s not an easy bass line, I struggle with it as well.
What music do you like?
If you are open to anything I can send you through some easy stuff that you can chug along to.
Let me know what you like, I may have something I can share.
Cheers Brian

Hello @b.s.excavations I’m pretty eclectic, but but as a child of the 80’s I like straight ahead rock and glam metal, but I like 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as well. After about 2000 I start to fall off though.

I can chug! …and I can read!

Hi @kwt7667,
If you like concrete blonde and Chris isaak
I can send you some good chugging stuff

Sure! Give me something to work on. I haven’t really gotten into working with music tracks, but if I had some music I could read, I think I could get it going.

No problems, will get some stuff to you.
Do you want me to email,
If so shoot me your email address
Cheers Brian

Try this one.
My suggestion would be play the song and read through a couple of times without playing bass?
Let me know what you think :+1:

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This has been transcribed from the bloodletting album

Hi @kwt7667,
How did you go with that?
If it is a bit quick, listen to there song SUN which is really nice and has nice easy bass line,
The eagles the girl from yesterday is also pretty easy if you like them.
Let me know
Cheers brian

Haven’t tried it yet. Catching up with yesterday from work! Thanks!

Ken T.

No problems Ken,
Let me know if you want the other songs as they are easier.
Cheers Brian

I’m definitely into simple. I haven’t been into drum tracks and songs, but now I want to try to get into them. I think I can grow a lot in here. I need to get my groove on!

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