Box shape for diminished scale on bass

Does anyone a box shape for a diminished scale?

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There are potentially more than one diminished scale, but I assume you mean the “whole-half” scale. (There is also a “half-whole” (diminished) scale).

The “formula” is: 1-2-b3-4-b5-#5-6-7 and that should allow you to establish the shape (or one of the possible shapes) on the fretboard.

For example: starting with G (3rd fret E) then A (5th fret E) then Bb (6th fret E) followed by C (3rd fret A), Db (4th fret A), D# (6th fret A) and then E (2nd fret D) and F# (4th fret D) before coming back to G (5th fret D).

Note: this is an octatonic scale (eight notes before coming back to the root) as opposed to, e.g., a major scale, which is a heptatonic scale.


Dang Jörg! That was thorough. I didn’t even know I needed this. Thank you.

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Thanks, Eric!

Most of the time, you probably don’t… and without proper context it’s just “math” or some kind of musical sudoku :grin:

Hope it helps the OP though!

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