Brag about your favourite local/regional bands

Inspired by the “first concert / last concert” thread (where I mention two local bands I’ve seen recently), how about a thread where we brag up our favourite local or regional bands that others may not be familiar with? There are so many talented, hard-working artists out there who deserve more streams, download sales, and merch sales than they get. I’ll start:

  • Elektric Mistress (yes, named after the pedal) is a stoner rock band from Kjipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia). Two of my friends from high school (twin brothers) are the guitarists. The singer’s vocal style lends them more of a classic rock vibe than a lot of other stoner acts. I don’t [personally] know anyone who devotes more time to their craft than these guys. They bust their asses rehearsing, performing, recording, and promoting their work online. Find them on Bandcamp and Spotify.
  • Earth Altar is another local Kjipuktuk band I recently saw live with Elektric Mistress (who were so impressed they worried they couldn’t follow EA’s brilliant set). EA skews more prog/space, and I am listening to their debut album on Spotify for the first time right now, as I type! Find them on Bandcamp, too.
  • I’ve been listening to Acadian south shore band Kuato for years but have never managed to catch them live. (WTH?!) Wacky psych/stoner/doom goodness, (nope, way more post-rock than I remember!) and hilarious song titles to boot. Kuato is on Bandcamp and Spotify, too.
  • These local folks may be a bit harder to find, since I don’t think they’re still producing music. I saw Hey Mother Death (later re-formed as Love Supraeme) at an experimental music festival several years ago, and have followed their work ever since. Very different from the bands I’ve mentioned so far: spooky, sexy, loungey, post-punky (think Tones on Tail or PIL but crafted by a young couple in love). You can still find some of their work on Spotify. I think they moved from Nova Scotia to Paris several years ago. Wherever they are, I miss their music and hope they’re doing well.
  • Hopping to a different timezone now, the Treaty 6 (Edmonton, Alberta) band Nehiyawak is probably my favourite band in the country – and they broke up after only one [critically acclaimed, Polaris Prize-shortlisted] album. :sob: In the album Nipiy (which means “water”), space rock and Indigenous (Nehiyaw/Cree) musical influences meld into something incredibly special and powerful. You’ll hear ethereal glints and glimmers of Beach Boys, Mars Volta, and Arcade Fire – but those touchstones don’t do it justice. Nipiy is an album-listener’s album, a lay in the dark with your hi-fi album, and no, I am not parting with my vinyl copy - one of only a few hundred ever pressed. :pray: Find them on Bandcamp or Spotify.

I could go on, but I’m going to stop here for now! Can’t wait to see what others post. Cheers. :laughing:


My friend Meghan’s band Giftshop in NYC (Astoria, Queens).

Part No Doubt, part Blondie, part The Clash.

Her previous all-girl band in Rochester was great too, with a great name to boot, White Cotton Panties.


Love the look into this local microcosm of metal riffs!
Thanks very much!


This is my brother and sister-in-law’s band: Rachel Rizner and the Resonators:

Mostly blues and blues rock, covers and some originals. My brother is the guy next to the bass player, rocking out on the Strat.


OK, I have to add two more:

  • Mhira Blood is an Unamaki (Cape Breton) band that makes… uh… minimal electro post-folk? (I’m reaching here!) Crackling beats, bass, haunted/haunting vocals in 3 languages (English, Mikmaq, Scots Gaelic). I’ve never seen 'em live, just heard 'em on CBC once when I was in the shower. Maybe someday! On Bandcamp and Spotify.
  • Crosss (with 3 x S’s; not a typo) is a classic-sounding stoner/doom band, formerly of Kjipuktuk/Halifax, now (I think) stationed in Toronto. Saw them live once in a little fire trap of a club opening for Tropic of Cancer (who totally phoned it in live, unlike their opener). Here they are on Spotify and Bandcamp.

You’re very welcome!! If you get super into any of them, I’d love to know.


GARGAMEL! from Orlando, Florida.
Funk metal with blue humor and lots of weird thrown in for good measure.

Even with four albums and all the accolades they’ve won, they all still have to work day jobs.

They always put on a great, high energy, live show. I’ve seen them eight times.

My suspicion as to why they haven’t made it; probably something to do with the off color humor and not figuring out how to bring the energy of their live show to their recorded music. That’s my best guess but I don’t really understand it.

They have a Wikipedia page. Gargamel - Wikipedia!

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From Austin, Texas, I like the Mau Mau Chaplains and Lion Heights.

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Amyl and the Sniffers, though I think more people outside Australia know them now :slight_smile:

And of course… TISM :smiley:


Kind of funny that I found out about Amyl and the Sniffers through a cover @terb did.