Breakdown of techniques in this video

I have been playing regular guitar for many years and am quite proficient there. I have played bass a few times and recently got a bass guitar. I watched this video and I wanted to be able to play like this, because I can on guitar! That’s a joke - of course I don’t expect to get as good on bass in a matter of weeks. But I would like to know what he is doing.

In particular, I am fascinated by the sequences with rapid succession of notes around 0:56. I am fairly certain it’s some kind of right-hand popping technique, but I can’t catch which frames in the video are actually getting each note to come out.

Has anyone / could anyone do a quick analysis of different techniques I can practice that he makes use of?

edit: it won’t let me post links? Wtf?
youtube . com /watch?v=jCuoXf6MnO8


Haha, yeah, well…

It’s possible that you are better than the average guy in here after a year of playing, but this is Jedi-level stuff here, or potentially Yoda-level stuff :wink:

It’s indeed some very advanced slap-pop stuff that I would advise you NOT to practice before you have the basics and the other advanced slap/pop techniques down… as in “completely down”.

Here is a good video by Josh:

Should keep you busy for a while :wink:


Ah. Charles Berthoud has a huge arsenal and will usually fire it at will.
@0:56, I would say these are slap triplets. Quite fast slap triplets.
Now it’s a fantastic goal in bass but I would join @joergkutter and would recommand to not approach this … lightly ^^
And welcome here, by the way !


Charles Berthoud may be the most technically proficient bassist I have ever seen. I wouldn’t expect many people to ever be able to do what he can. In the timeframe of that video you’re asking about, looks to me like he’s just slapping triplets. Many different techniques at play in this video and Charles is a master of all of them. Talk about running before you can walk, trying to imitate anything he does is like Olympic sprinting while you’re still in the womb :rofl: