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This maybe of interest to some Buzzers.

Mike Brooks hosts a weekly Tuesday live stream on Youtube from 8pm GMT.

There’s lots of talk about bass, amplification, FX and accessory reviews, interviews, setup tips and stories from his interviews of famous bass players from around the world.

I’ve joined the last few and found them to be both entertaining and informative.

(132) Live Chat #41 (28/03/23) - YouTube

I’ve no affiliation to the channel, I’m just a happy consumer of the content.


Good to see you there last night @DeadPixels

Did you stay until the end?
I think it was nearly 1am when I logged off.

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More or less til the end, was getting restless & started grabbing more songs to play as well by then though :joy:

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Hey HowlinDawg!
Thank you very much for the comments, much appreciated. Thank you for being involved and enjoying the hang! :slight_smile:

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It was almost 1.20am when we called it a day… 5 hours 19 minutes and 3 seconds to be precise! Some effort but we got there. That’s four weeks on the bounce… who says bass players don’t have any stamina! :slight_smile:

Thanks for coming along :slight_smile:

Thanks for hanging in there… medals of staying power to all of you!

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Hey @HowlinDawg thanks for this recommendation. Just subbed and and started this morning with the ‘Building A Bass Collection In 2023’. Top stuff.

Some of the more GAS prone forum members should not watch this video :slight_smile:


Hey Barney!
Thanks for the kind words and thanks for checking the channel out, much appreciated. Nice one!

I’m on Mikes live chat at the moment and some Bass royalty have started to drop in (if anyone’s interested in joining)

Including Leland Sklar, Dave Swift, and Joel McIver (editor of BGM and Bass Player magazines).


Whoa, that’s awesome. Congrats @brooksysbasscorner

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Thanks guys, it was certainly a good one to end on before the summer holidays. Thanks for getting involved!


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