Bushwick based rock band looking for a bassist!

Sup y’all? We’re Nihil Admirari, a post punk band based in Bushwick. To find out more about us check out our website nihiladmirari dot com or our insta @nihiladmirariband.

We’re looking for someone:
Who wants to be a bassist long-term in a band, who is willing to put equal amounts of effort in performance, rehearsal and management - someone serious about being a musician, eventually full-time, and working towards just that.
You’re a bassist who likes to collaborate and is open to co-writing a lot of different types of music even though it’s still in a “rock genre”.

If you like us, please send an email (Noshi at nihiladmirari dot com) or DM us. Feel free to hit us up with any questions, comments, or concerns.