Buying my first bass amp - advice needed!

Hi All,

I am looking to buy a bass amp, and want to have something that is a bit future proof (i.e. can play at small gigs/band practices etc) without having to buy a second amp.

I am interested in something around 100/150 watts but wondered if there is any disadvantage from using a more powerful amp at low volume for practicing at home? (I know they also generally have phones out but I like ot hear out loud!)

Second question - will a larger speaker (15inch v 12 inch) be louder at the same wattage?

I was looking at the Markbass CMD 121 or 151 blackline or Fender rumble 100.




Basically, playing at low volumes isn’t really an issue.
100/150W is not going to future proof you if you are playing with others who are, well, obnoxiously loud, but will get you through general jamming with polite guitarists and non-Animal (Muppets) style drummers… For me, future proof is around 300w, depends on your goals though.

Speaker size is about moving air and tone, i prefer 12 over 15 because 15s are a bit low low end boomy and don’t really favor small rooms at home for practice. 10s are more punchy than 12s. Your picks are great ones but I would stay in the 12" range if I were you.


I agree with @John_E Get something you need today. Worry about what you need tomorrow, tomorrow :laughing:.

Your taste, preferences and needs will change later.


Cheers, I really appreciate the advice. I have played with more than my fair share f animal style drummers in the past, but I think I can hold off on the 300W range until I am actually in a band!

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Not sure what the Markbass weighs, but the Rumble is super light, which is very welcome. Sounds great too.

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I’m still stuck with my Rumble 15 so can’t advise, but commenting for thoughts whether the big price difference between the Fender and the Markbass is worth it?

I’ll eventually get something, but probably only a 40w for home use only.

I agree with John E, I actually do play my 150w Acoustic cheapie (that did a lot more than the comparable Fender before the new models came out) and actually sounds decent. You might also want to look at the new Ampeg line, as I’ve read good things about it.

It’s fine with a drummer who isn’t going nuts, and guitars with 30w amps. I’m thinking about what I might get if we play out more, but that’ll probably end up being a used head, and cabinet of some sort. But maybe not. It’s hard to overstate how much lighter current gear is for the same performance or better. 40lbs vs 100lbs really shows up on, say, stairs.

I like Katana bass amp. I have the Artist series Katana guitar amp, There’s a feature of a 1W so you can play it quietly at home. While I wouldn’t call it pricey, they are not as cheap as the Fender Rumble, which I think usually punch way above their weight.

As for the driver size, some like 15, many like 12, I love 10s. 10 is big enough to produce quality low frequencies. It’s tight and thumpy. Again it’s just preference that you’ll find out what you like about each size.


Thanks all, I have decided to go with the Markbass - should be arriving tomorrow!