Buzzing on string change

Greetings all,
One thing that’s bothering me at the moment is when I move my fingers off the string from one fret to the other, I get that little buzz noise. Any technique to stop that from happening? I’m playing close to the fret so I don’t get the buzzing noise when the strings are pressed it is just when I release pressure on the strings.


Do you mean that you recently changed strings, or is it buzzing when you move from one string to another?

In any case, it might be time for a setup. New strings might have different gauges than the old ones, different tension, and this needs to be compensated for properly by adjusting the neck.

Also, high temperatures and high humidities (or, generally, changing climates) can require a setup of the neck.


There’s always going to be a bit of noise, but generally the quicker you lift your finger, the less it’s going to buzz.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much (unless it’s very obtrusive). It’s going to improve with time, but it’s part of the game.


The big question is, do you hear it in the amp? If not, then no problem :slight_smile:


This is a natural sound of the instrument and it should be embraced and loved.
If you go on YouTube and look for “isolated bass track” for recordings that you enjoy, you’ll start to hear raw recorded bass tracks.
It’s a weird instrument made of metal and wood and it makes weird noises.

You’ll get more control over things as you go.
Aim for big, fat, round, full notes coming out of the pickups and the amp, and if there are rattles and small buzzes, that’s fine.
As long as the beefy notes are there, the noises are fine.
If you don’t have big, long, sweet sounding notes and the noises are there, it’s not fine.


This place is named on that sound! :grin:
There’s nothing like a fresh pair of rounds to keep you honest on your technique!