Cakewalk DAW is now free

Mostly a FYI for PC owners; Apple users won’t be interested in this as we are already covered with the (excellent) GarageBand.

BandLab just made the old-school Cakewalk Sonar DAW free earlier this year. It’s the full DAW, not a lite version like Pro Tools First or Cubase LE. It looks to me like it is easily of similar capability to GarageBand; probably sits somewhere between GarageBand and Logic, actually. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a GarageBand-like free program on Windows:

I discovered this yesterday as I wanted to record something and do some quick editing on my PC while my wife was using my Mac.


Great news!
Thanks for the heads up.


That’s great! Having a free easy-to-use DAW is so handy for anyone wanting to explore recording themselves, or trying out effects modeling, or just playing along with loops! Good stuff.


Thanks for the heads up Howard!

I’m downloading now and reviving the topic so new users can take a look!



It’s a fully capable DAW for free. It also comes with an excellent free drum VSTi that is worth the download on its own.

Is it worth focusing on learning CakeWalk vs Reaper since I’m just starting out in the DAW world? I mean, saving $60 is nice, but are they equivalent in terms of functionality/usability?

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Roughly similar. If you don’t mind spending the money on Reaper (and I wholly recommend it, it’s great) I would just do that.

But downloading Cakewalk it a good idea to just get the drum VSTi as well, even if you don’t use it.

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I graduated to Cakewalk from Audacity and I’m really happy with it.

It’s got everything I need and a whole load of stuff to discover. I’m only doing basic recordings at the moment, so can’t see where it’s possibly lacking.

I tried Reaper, but couldn’t get used to the interface, as I was so used to Cakewalk.

Ive just been doing my own stuff (bass) but hopefully be using it to do some of my brother s guitars soon.

Has anyone used the Bandlab online version ?

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edit: oops read it wrong, for some reason I thought you went from CW to Audacity :slight_smile:

Cakewalk seems like a really solid DAW, especially for free.

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