Can Cort CM150B be a contender for Rumble 40/100?

Hello all!

I have been itching for having a bass amp at home (more and more I am using my home sound sytem and it is never “just right” )

@JoshFossgreen 's great review for bass amps is a year old now and at least where I live Fender Rumble 40 is not a “under 250$ bass amp” actually it costs $115 over the amazon US price…

Sniffing around a little bit I learned that Cort brought out a nice 150W 12" amp which is interesting to say the least here in Italy it has the exact same price with Rumble 40 (€275) while Rumble 100 is costing €50 more…

Would anything else make it into this list for EU market?


Quick update. I can buy this amp for 240€ on


I bet it would be a great contender with the Rumble line. This video sells it pretty well. For a 150W combo, it probably would work in most rehearsal situations (depending on your drummer).

I’ve never used it, so I can’t say with any authority.


Almost too well… So well that Cort actually put this video up front on their website. I might have a chance to try them side by side at a music store this weekend…

Man EU market is just damn expensive! Nothing good under €200


Did you get to check it out?

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Yes I did. Cort felt pretty low quality at the time for sound AND build. It didn’t give the impression to last a long time and loose all of value at resell one day.

I decided to save up some more an got myself a MB CMD121P.

It was probably an unfair comparison for Cort


Thanks for the update! I ran across it on basstheworld and was curious.

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That’s where I first saw it as well. I belive the information there was a little bit biased…

Gregor being biased would actually surprise me. Except if we are talking about Darkglass. Or Ida :rofl:

Let’s say they try hard to find best things to say about the products that they demo. I don’t mean that they lie or exaggerate but they don’t go all around pros/cons either.

:joy::joy: Don’t you love it when Ida struggles to promote things (verbally)…