Can you guess the bass? Blind test

So I got this idea for a small game, since I accumulated few basses, blind test basses to see who can guess better by sound.

With bane of all beginner bassists, Billie Jean.

Basses used (blurred if you want to try it by heart):

  • Player Series Mustang (PJ), Alder body, Pau Ferro fretboard
  • Squier CV 70s Jazz (JJ), Poplar body, Maple fretboard
  • Squier Affinity Precision (PJ), Poplar body, Indian Laurel fretboard
  • Ray4 with Aguilar AG4M (H), Basswood body, Jatoba fretboard

I’ve created 7 samples (4 basses, 7 samples, wut), but remember some basses have dual pickups, but I wont spoil on which ones I was switching.
I’ve also added comments with numberings so you can navigate easier.

It was recorded directly through DI, so no modulations of any kind, pure bass sound is what you get.

Try to answer in format.

1. This bass
2. That bass
3. Not a bass

And which one sounded the best?

Good luck!

All basses use roundwounds strings.

I’ll edit this post in a couple of days with correct answer.
P.S. Would it be better if I turned this into 7 polls?


Good initiative, @Growl - but I think you need to give the possible answers/options for the four basses, as there are a gazillion possible makes and models out there, and I can’t remember which ones you own :grin:

I blurred that part :smiley:

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Oops, yeah, OK - hadn’t read it carefully enough… I thought that was the whole solution :man_facepalming:

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I’m giving my guesses using just P/PJ/Jazz/Ray and the pickup names, because I’m not familiar with the individual models. Also I’m probably going to edit my answer later, because I haven’t been able to make up my mind on some of them.

Great idea for a topic. :slight_smile: Next time you should include basses made of cardboard or aluminium or something as well, just to prove the tone wood people wrong.

  1. P or PJ with P pickup only
  2. Jazz with both pickups
  3. PJ or J with bridge pickup only
  4. PJ with both pickups
  5. Ray
  6. P or PJ with P pickup
  7. Ray
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Oh yeah, lemme include which bass has which pup combo and woods. Lets see if people can differentiate.

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If you are including wood types then we need to know the years snd country of origin. Some of us snobs really, really know our wood vintage, lol.

This sounds fun I’ll play as soon as I get home. Thanks @Growl

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Bump, guess people arent interested so much in this.