Can you help me identify this bass?

Hi BassBuzz! I have this 5-string Ibanez BTB Premium for a few years now that I found used in a Maryland Guitar Center in 2018. I never really cared to find out details about it until recently. To my shame, I found out that I can’t even tell what the exact model of the bass is! Here are some pictures of the bass:

The easy answer here would be to say that this is an Ibanez BTB1935 or a BTB1835, but the thing is that the top of this bass’ body is not the one that Ibanez constructs them with, and the switches are both 2-way; there is NO three - way switch like the electronics diagram for the 1835 AND 1935 suggest (link).

The serial on the bass is J0551E. The only site where I’ve had some answers when I look up this serial is this site, where if I put in J0051E it finds a production year of 2014 and another “serial” of 0551. Premium Line, Indoniesia.

I even made a small YT video where I play the bass and fiddle with its electronics to try to get answers from the Internet. I’m really weirded out by this, not even sure what the electronics do, or whether they are well - configured.

Appreciate any answers!


Check out the 2014 or 2015 catalogs

Sorry I don’t know offhand, there is a wiki for Ibanez basses though\


From the Ibanez Wiki it looks like a BTB1605



Wow, that is expensive for a 2015 Indonesian bass ($2,204 US). Love the burl finish @almost_jason


Here’s yet another reference, if you need one. Ibanez BTB1605E (2015) Review |

What a really nice bass. I never would have guessed those were single coil pickups.

From here… BTB1605 | Ibanez Wiki | Fandom

Controls consist of a global volume; balancer; individual bass, mid and treble EQ controls; a EQ bypass toggle; and a mid-frequency switch to select a 250Hz or 600Hz.


Thanks so much guys! I see that the model, when introduced by Ibanez, had Nordstrands. Mine has a pair of Bartolinis, but hell knows what kind of model they are :slight_smile: Again, I got this fellow used and only started caring to find his origins 4 years after the purchase :man_facepalming:


Gotta say I’ve been playing my btb often lately. The 35” scale string tension offer very nice right hand feel and the open B string is just delicious.


Nordstrand, Bartolini, Aguilar, all top line pickups.

If you open it up, it would be interesting to find out if they changed out the preamp also.

it probably says what they are on the bottom :slight_smile: