Can't buy Washburn basses in Canada?

I want to buy one here in Canada but as rhe title says, I didn’t find any dealer, and my local music store (Long&McQuade) doesn’t sells them, and I find this ironic since Washburn is Canadian.

Pretty sure Washburn is an old American brand?

Electric or Acoustic @Jack_Vac ?

Here’s a new listing for an acoustic bass from a Canadian retailer. I’ll honest Washburn isn’t a brand I think of when I think about electric bass.

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I’m looking for a Washburn Taurus T25. Electric

I’m not a Washburn rep, sorry :man_shrugging:

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did you see this Acclaim listing?

EDIT: Nevermind, I see it says Not available.

That’s pretty much their whole website @groaner :joy:

Listing description but not in stock. It’s how they roll :man_shrugging:

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