Has anyone been able to get B2B to cast to their TV? I get half an hour between me getting home and SWMBO getting home which I generally use to follow the B2B course from the main PC, and I find myself standing in the same spot every time as I’m in a very small bedroom and frankly it’s beginning to p*ss me off as I can’t move. Has anyone managed to cast B2B to their TV?


If casting is wireless then no but I do have my 65" TV set up as a second monitor connected via an HDMI cable to my desktop/laptop and it works just fine.

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I use Chromecast and have no problems with it.

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My 65" is the monitor for my computer via HDMI like @Celticstar

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Depends on your specific configuration.

If you are casting B2B from a Chrome browser on a Windows PC to a Chromecast dongle, it should just work (within the basic Chromecast constraints of having everything on the same wireless network).

If you are casting from an Android phone, and/or trying to cast to a smart tv or an Amazon Firestick, you will encounter challenges ranging from problematic to impossible. I have no idea how Apple devices work in this context.

Yeah, trying to cast from a Windows PC using Chrome to a smart TV and it’s not having any of it!

You may be able to accomplish what you need by using Windows Wireless Display and using your smart TV’s Source feature. Chrome and casting don’t play a part. Here’s what I do for my Samsung QLED Smart TV, so if you have something different your mileage may differ:

  1. I assume your Windows is relatively recent. Win 10 or 11 should work, and maybe even 8.1.
  2. Your Smart TV and PC need to be on the same wireless network. If the TV is connected to one Wireless Access Point (WAP) and your PC is connected to a different one (e.g., in another room), reconnect it to the same one as the TV.
  3. On the TV, look for a Source setting where you can specify “PC”. My Samsung has it on a “Connection Guide” page. Look for an option that says something like “Screen Sharing (Wireless)”
  4. Go to your PC and type “Display Settings” in the Search box to get to the System > Display page.
  5. On this page look for a “Connect to Wireless Display” button and click it. It may be buried under a “Multiple Displays” section.
  6. This should show you a menu including your smart TV. Click it and (hopefully) your PC screen will now be showing up on your smart TV. Bring up BassBuzz in any browser, maximize the window and off you go. I hope.

(Apple probably has a single button that figures out what you need, does it, and probably throws up a Billie Jean help file as well.)

Good luck.

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Not sure what frequency a wireless connection would be using but if it is 2.4 GHz you may run into interference issues. So many things run on 2.4 GHz I just decided to hard wire it with an HDMI cable.
No issues - no problems.

That worked- thank you!

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