Changed the pickguard on my Squire PJ bass

I really like the blue color of my Squire PJ bass and the black pickguard that came with it was nice… but I wanted to personalize my bass a bit and change the pickguard to something in the deep purple range to match in with my favorite band “The Birthday Massacre”. I ended up getting a purple pickguard off of Amazon and while I was there I got some different colored knobs as well. When the pickguard arrived, I was amazed at how beautiful it was! OMG! It looked so nice! And it fit like a glove too! I read some reviews that made me scared because some people had to file parts of the pickguard down to get it to fit properly.
I really like the new look of the bass! The blue and purple compliment each other nicely! Looks amazing!
The knobs are… ok. I think they look better than what the stock silver knobs would look with this.
Does anyone know where to get different colored knobs? I am looking for deep purple ones and can’t seem to find any.



I normally hate tort and I am totally in love with that amethyst tort. That’s one of my favorite colors.




That looks sweet, probably my two favourite colours for guitar/bass although green is definitely up there.

I’ve got an Epiphone SG guitar and the pick guard looks pretty cheap and had a couple of bits chipped off. Should try to change it.


I was afraid the purple would be too “light” but was pleased once I saw it. :slight_smile:

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My favorite color is the Cerulean Aura Burst color on my Ibanez 300E! That is a sweet blue/green color!



Ok… Bass update!
The sill abalone knobs that I got from Amazon are… kinda lame. A few of them had specks of black in them (I think from the bottom pattern peeling and showing the black of the knob through it) and one of the abalone domes actually popped off. I was going to return them to get my money back but I went to a hobby store and picked up some purple bling sticker domes and put them on the knobs. I like them because they fit with the color pattern of my new pickguard.
Looks nicer now!
Popped off dome and specks:

Replacement purple domes: