Cheap Flatwounds from Aliexpress

Here is something I found on Aliexpress:

Not expecting LaBellas but for $30 posted to Australia it is worth a shot.
I want to put flats on my Peavey P Bass but can’t afford to buy Gucci ones atm so I will test these out.

Here is the link for those also curious:
Alice A628 Fretless 4 Electric Bass Strings Full Set 4 Strings Hexagonal Core Nickel Alloy Wound Gold Ball-End - AliExpress


Update on the strings.
They arrived today and are surprisingly good so far

They came in individual sealed plastic bags, numbered 1st-4th

Sexy black silks, I didn’t bother trimming them

They look nice and solid, feel smooth and not at all sticky or grabby

How do they sound?
On this bass were what I presume were the cheap rounds it came with-the guy I got this bass from sadly neglected it.
The new Ali Flats sound how I expect flats to sound, they may have a bit of brightness because of he hex core (guessing) and they have a nice growl.
I actually like the tone rolled up with these which is unusual for me.
All in all I think it is a good investment of $30 bucks.
I’d buy them again for sure and I am curious as to what other strings “Alice” makes