Chiefs Celebratory SB Win DIY Kit


So I’ve throw around the idea in my mind at different points in the last two years if/when the Chiefs win a Super Bowl buying a DIY kit and finishing it in Chiefs colors and such. The front runner in regards to style has always been a Jack Casady hollow body style. However, now that the moment is upon us!!! I’m thinking a Rickenbacker style as I could do the traditional lettering style on the head stock as “Reidenbacker” for Any Reid. Thoughts? Other good ideas?


It’s always nice when your hometown wins the Super Bowl, everyone is in celebratory mode for awhile :slight_smile: Enjoy there in KC! Happened a few years ago for the Broncos.

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So doing some online research its seems Rickenbacker is real intense with protecting their IP and finding a DIY of one is all but impossible. Well Fretwire has a kit with all the hardware trimmings, the shark tooth inlays on the fretboard, and routed appropriately. However, the body and headstock are basically uncut slabs so you can cut it to shape. I plan to do the build with a guy who has done a DIY kit before, but not sure we have the tools or want to take it to that level.

So my other idea is back to the hollow body and putting “Big Red” on the head stock.