Choppy notes with Billie Jeans

I am currently at Module 5 of the course and went through with the Billie Jean workout, which i first thought went somewhat good, although i could not really finish the fast workout. I still practiced now and then and i decided to record it to see how it sounds. And it was awful. Mainly, the notes sound chopped, like there is a small, inconsistent break between each note.
Now i know that practice will make it better, but maybe i am doing something completely wrong and i want to start sorting it out now before it gets ingrained further into my brain. Any tips on how to avoid those small, inconsistent breaks? Thanks!

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This is something Josh talks about in the course and how to avoid it. I guess somewhere after Billie Jean.

Basically it is that you are releasing the previous note a tad too early when instead you should hold it right up until you pluck the next note.


Makes sense, thanks!

The key is to play BJ slowly and concentrate on playing each note for its full duration before moving to the next. Do that and you’ll find that the notes will blend smoothly as you play the line. Keep at it, slowly, and you’ll get it. Good luck.

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will do that, thanks!

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