Chord Progression Generator

This might be a strange need (or out right offensive) for some people who invested so much in to music theory but while I was googling around legit information on how to practice walking bass lines and I came across this concept:

Youtube is full of videos explaining you “the easiest fastest formula for walking basslines” and these videos usually propose a certain progression which is readily available and I noticed If I know the progression and the root notes I can play some combinations of roots, thirds, fifths and some chromatic notes to create a fun practice for myself.

I tried understanding how to build the chords and eventually progressions but the theory behind it felt massive and meant studying without playing much…

Curious what you guys think about it…


Cool resource for those of us without baked-in music theory knowledge to automatically know the “right” chord progressions.

I posted this elsewhere but I think your link along with this software iReal Pro would be all you need for walking bass practice. You can pull from thousands of jazz standards or create your own progressions to jam along to.


Thank you for this!!


Awesome, I was just looking for a “mood to chord progression” reference recently in another topic :slight_smile:


Cool! Thanks @Fahri.

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I’ll add this one too:

It’s pretty useful for practicing


Oh that is just fantastic now! Thanks

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