Chrome Music Lab

Stumbled across this searching for a rhythm generator, thought it was pretty cool – Chrome Music Lab

A lot of the tools are just fun little toys, but already got some use out of this one in particular – Song Maker

Helped me figure out the actual 16th note rhythm of a slap riff I’m working on. You can see/hear that here-- My Song

For 16th note syncopation I still can’t consistently “hear” where the 16th note is in the beat, can only “feel” it, so this is very helpful to be able to see what I’m actually playing.

It’s all very simple and I know there are more complex and capable tools for this out there, but this was perfect to help with my specific problem. I could also see this being a lot of fun for those of you with young kiddos or grand-kiddos as an intro to music theory.


Thanks for sharing. Pretty fun things to mess around with. Could actually see myself making something simple in the Rhythm bit and looping it to play along with on bass. I know there are better solutions for that though. :slight_smile: