Colored (white) strings

Looking for some info and to cut research time down.
Quick background. Around twenty years ago I purchased a schector devil bass. Had some electronic issues coupled with life, I stopped playing. Through a few moves it got majorly neglected. It spent around 5-7 years unprotected in a garage rafter in North Carolina. Fast forward to now I am restoring it no neck damage. It’s going well. That brings me to my question.
I already have 2 basses with rounds on them. I wanna put flats on this. It gave me the idea of white strings on this bass would look sick.
Question: who all are the manufacturers making truly white in color strings?
Are labella copper whites actually white? From what I can find they are not. Any advice would be appreciated.

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DR Neon strings come in white:

They are roundwounds though.

LaBella White or Gold White Nylon Tape strings might be closer to what you’re looking for:


Yeah but they are much closer to flats in terms of feel and tone. They are not as crisps as normal rounds.

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Are the labella’s actually white. They don’t look very white on YouTube and I can’t find any clear pictures

If the labella’s are not really white. I may just go with the labella’s. I really don’t want the rounds. I have never played flats. And this is my chance to test them out on something with little risk

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Gold White Nylon Tapewound

Copper White Nylon Tapewound

So neither a pure white but the gold white is closer to pure white.

This is La Bella tapewound white gold on my P bass.

The left one has optima unique studio gold strings. (Round)

I just realized that @soulman also posted the pictures :joy:

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Yours is a better view of them on the bass itself.