Come Out to Our Show(s)

Allright, ya’ll, this is it, from B2B last summer as a complete beginner, to about to go on stage - it’s totally possible! Take B2B twice, spend time on these forums, and practice, and have fun!

My band, Apostled Knash, is playing next weekend - 2 shows - if anyone happens to be in the Denver, Colorado, USA area, come on out - I’ll buy you a drink if you say you’re from Bassbuzz :slight_smile: Come find me!

We don’t have any recent video, or even pics yet, as the band’s reformed, and undergoing some changes, sorry! But it’s grunge, think Nirvana mixed with the Doors kind of a sound.

Showtimes: Mutiny Cafe, 2 S. Broadway, Denver 80209, Friday, Jan 17th, 8pm-ish.
Gypsy House, 1545 S. Broadway, Denver 80210, Sunday, Jan. 19th, come about 8pm-ish.

We’re the headliners at one of these (not sure which one, lol!). There will be multiple bands. This is a hip part of town, where the art and music scene is coming alive, along with funky antique shops, bars, restaurants, and weird people. So come out if you’re even remotely in this part of the USA (we’re the biggest major city around for many many miles in any direction, in this sparsely populated, but beautiful, mountainous part of the USA, for my friends around the world :-)) See you there, and video, hopefully coming soon. I’m nervous, but excited!!


So damned happy for you @Vik!! You’ll do great!

Wish I could make it to Denver, but I’m allergic to snow… Makes me anxious to the point of needing to write my name in it while taking a…


Wooooooooooow - that is HUUUUUUUUGE, @vik!!!

Totally awesome, and badass, too :grin:

If you guys could set up a gig the weekend after in San Diego, I WILL show up :wink:

Good luck!! But, above all, have fun!!!


@Vik Good luck on your shows! Wish I was out your way and I would definitely be there! You are gonna be boss out there and lay down some fat grooves!



As much as I’d love to visit Denver, I think I’ll have to pass this time - I sort of can’t travel to the US at the moment. I’ll wait for the link to the live broadcast webcam. Will it be HD? :wink:

Good luck.

Also, you forgot to tag teach. I’m sure he’d be keen to know about one more of his babies growing up and graduating .


Thanks for the support everyone, I feel like many of you were part of this journey with me, and, I’ve been coming to this forum and participating regularly now for more than 8 months, just the knowledge on here is amazing! For anyone reading this, and taking B2B, just go back through some of the old posts on here, so many great topics are covered by people with all levels of experience.

Haha, yeah, it is winter here, but, there’s something crazily satisfying about writing your name in a fancy cursive font in that snow ya know :rofl:

For sure! Keep posting about your experiences with jamming as well, and any other esoteric, but somehow related bass topics, you’ve got some real wisdom…

Really appreciate the wishes @faamecanic !! Cheers, and keep us posted on your bass journey here in the forums!

Thanks @PeteP !! @JoshFossgreen and @Gio , of course, the both of you are more than invited, I’d probably be star struck if my teachers showed up, and I got to meet them in person. I really don’t have any other bass teachers. No kidding. Pretty much everything I know about bass playing is from these 2, and the others in this forum. Lots of mushy gratitude here :smile:


Good luck, @Vik!

Hope all goes well you . . . this is really great to hear! . . . :slight_smile:


Aww man I’d go if I could. Haven’t been to Colorado in ages. Congrats!


If you end up touring the surrounding states and hit KC @Vik I will certainly be there!


I’m a Texans fan and I’d gladly “hit KC” right now. :face_with_head_bandage:


Yeah…sorry??? :man_shrugging:


Wow congrats @Vik! Killing it. Good for you for getting out there, connecting with people, and making gigs happen! I could use a little bit of that juju myself, moved to Oakland a year ago and still haven’t networked in the area as much as I’d like to. Too busy making videos for you guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also @Lanny -


Oh, man, how did I miss the “golden” opportunity to bring up Nanook here - well played, @JoshFossgreen :rofl:


Love Zappa! Thanks @JoshFossgreen… Brought back some memories for me… My kids always got a kick out of this song - especially since my wife and I raised them all in Alaska. We left when the last set of twins started college in the lower 48 back in the 90’s. Probably another reason I’ll never make it out to Denver to hear @Vik anytime in the winter… Guess I just got my fill of the white (or yellow) stuff…


@Vik This is so freaking Awesome! I’m totally stoked for you. Man, if I could get to Denver I would love to be there. Totally looking forward to reading the after report. :+1:


Again, the :heart: and support here are so appreciated! Pulled it off this weekend, what a rush! I will try to delve into some details and observations soon in the “Playing Your First Gig” thread. I did not really imagine myself doing this even a few months ago - I just wanted to learn how to play an instrument, and got hooked on the bass last summer! And, just like each step in the music/bass playing journey, the first time is the hardest, but subsequent times of doing something get much easier.

Here’s a pic from Mutiny Cafe on Friday - it’s this eclectic venue with pinball machines, vinyl for sale, coffee/beer, tons of books, and an area for bands - 4 total played that night, including us. Wasn’t a huge crowd, but a decent turnout with that many bands playing. There’s so much to convey, but, it’s an experience, different for everyone, so just try it if you like trying new things - this is my first band, first gig of my life (I’m 42).


Very cool, @Vik! :sunglasses:




Oh cool! Oakland is great and underrated. I really liked the Lakeshore area.


Oh, hell yeah! Congratulations @Vik! Awesome picture for your first gig! :+1: