Comparing 8 Different Bass String Brands!

So I did a search to see if this has already been posted before, and could not find it. So check this video out.

Im interested to see what other people here liked the best. Kinda long and repetitive video.



In sound and looks I like several, from this video, for feel I use Rotosound strings.

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Wow the GHS sound dead and dull for rounds. Almost like flats.

To me, Fender should stick to instruments and amps.
Also, most of the others are just subjective as to how you want to sound. I like to look away and let my ear take me back to the video when I hear something that i really like. A few in there certainly do that, a few made me go back to see what was so ‘awful’, but I suspect others have the reverse decisions on many based on what tone they like.

I wish he gave some thoughts on feel differences.


Yeah, I’ve been watching that one the past few days. I’m drawn to the Dunlop Super Brights as I play fingerstyle and I love the sound.