Controlling BIAS FX, Amplitube and TH-U with a foot controller / expression pedal

Hello my friends,

I want to control my software effects (Windows) with a foot controller (USB or Bluetooth). Also it would be nice to use an expression pedal as well.

This is the software I use:

  • Presonus Studio One 6
  • Amplitube
  • TH-U
  • Tonelib Jam

It would be nice if the solution does not break the bank. Cheaper is better!

My current options, so far:

  • Harley Benton MP-100 MIDI Foot Controller
  • Behringer FCB1010
  • Line 6 FBV Express MKII
  • Nektar Pacer plus Nektar NX-P

Again, cheaper is better!

EDIT:should I use theMIDI in/out on my Motu M4, USB or Bluetooth?

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Is there a good tutorial for this? I’m interested, but haven’t dove into even looking at it because I’ve got so many other things I’m working on.

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@Billn - knowing some people in this forum (@howard ?), we will get a complete explanation with several options!

Stay tuned…

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I think you found it; MIDI foot switch, I would use USB. Different DAWs use different methods for controlling DAW automation, need to check with the particular one.

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Can you advise on one? You are the digital gadgets expert here :slight_smile:

I was thinking a modified Behringer FCB1010 first, but your remark points to Line 6 FBV Express MKII, right?

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Nope! I don’t own a footswitch. I do all my effecting after the fact.

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Is that possible? Also with the software I have (especially the effects stuff)?
That would be great, because applying the right effect is one of two things that keeps me from posting a d@mn cover (the other being not being able to play good enough).

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Oh yes, of course! A fundamental quality of DAWs is non-destructive editing. Think of DAWs as being like Photoshop for sound, and the effects are just layers you put on top of the recorded sound. You can add, remove, or change them at any time. It’s a fundamental workflow in music production.

It’s also why Audacity is not well suited for the task (destructive editing, breaks all the typical workflows.)

This is also why I always record dry and clean, and apply effects, EQ, and amp/cab sims in software. It’s just a much more flexible workflow.

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Ah, cool! I just used Studio One for live practicing.

So for offline use I would use it like a video editor. I use multiple tracks, cut&paste, assign effects etc.
That was clear to me but had no use for it until now - BUT can I change parameters of effects over time, in a way I would use an expression pedal?

Yes, absolutely. Search youtube for DAW automation for your DAW.

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You are the man that never sleeps and knows everything :slight_smile:

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