Cool beginner. Bass lines

Hi all. First post here :slight_smile: I’m doing the course at the moment and really enjoying it but wanted some full songs to work on as well. There’s plenty super simple line but they aren’t that satisfying to play, so went on the hunt for some. The two I’m working on at the moment are Cars by Gary Numan and Holy Diver by Dio. Both are fairly easy to pick up and loads of fun to play along to a backing track. Wondering if anyone else has suggestions for fun bass line songs to play?


What genres of music do you like? Best if you learn songs that you really like. You’ll enjoy it more.

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You can check this out… 3 Beginner Bass Riffs (You Can’t F*** Up)


Here is a super simple and catchy bass line by Aussie band Icehouse from the 80s called I cant help myself Icehouse went on to write the unofficial Australian anthem Great Southern Land

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I’ll have to give them a try.

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