Country Music

I jam with friends, mainly country and Bluegrass. Is the 12 bar blues form and the box fingering acceptable for this style of music?


Welcome aboard, @conjureup21 . . . . :slight_smile:

The 12 bar blues form fits across a lot of genres, so you’re good! :wink:

Cheers, Joe

Thanks Joe, I’ll venture on.

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Hail! I had a lovely career touring with a string band on upright, and since I’ve been playing a lot of Honky Tonk and great old country on electric.
Yes - the bass box is your absolute best friend.
For bluegrass you need (almost exclusively) only two things: The root and the 5th.
Josh covers it in his shapes.
Those two notes in the higher and lower forms gets you everything you need for bluegrass.

For country - it’s pretty much the exact same thing. BUT! What I found was that each country song had a lovely and unique groove, and I listened deep into those old recordings trying to learn exactly what the bassists were doing.
Same basic patterns, but lots of fun little moves up and down, and some fun walking bass patterns and stuff.

But - all that is to say that the bass box fingering is 99.9% of what you’ll need!

Best of luck with it all, and holler if you get stuck!


Really appreciate feedback. I feel more confident now. Thanks


Appreciate your feedback. I sent this earlier but I guess I hit the wrong key ( no pun intended)