Course extras page

hey, is there currently an issue with the course extra page, as i can no longer access it,
thanks, Danielle

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The best way to direct questions about the course to Josh’s attention is to add his forum username to your post, so he is notified. His is @JoshFossgreen.

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@MikeC - thank you, not been on here before, that’s helpful.

@JoshFossgreen - hey, is there an issue with the course extra page? i cant access it anymore. thanks, Danielle


For what it’s worth, I can still access it. This is the direct link:

A couple of things you can try:

  • Sign out and back in again.
  • Access the page in InPrivate/Incognito mode.

If that doesn’t fix it, please let us know what kind of error message you see when trying to access the page. Good luck!


@Mike_NL - thanks for your support, its all up and running again now