Craigslist: Too good to be true?

So I impulse bought the following from Craigslist. I’m worried I took advantage of someone because the bass itself is I think significantly better than he thought it was?.. Maybe he didn’t know what he had?.. he seemed legitimately surprised when I turned it over and was also surprised that it was neck-through-body. And the rest of the gear is in perfect condition. So here it is for $400:

Bass: Schecter Elite-4 (BCH) 2007
Amp: Roland Micro Cube Bass RX
Auralex GRAMMA II Acoustic Isolation Platform
Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-1000 stand
Instrument cable (maybe 20’?)
Road Runner Avenue II soft case
Korg TM-40 tuner/metronome
Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit
Dunlop 654 Formula 65 Guitar Polish
Set of D’addario round wound strings

It’s a done deal and I’ve got everything home and it’s all legit so far. So now I’m worried about what the scenarios are that gets me this setup for that price.


Pic from the '07 Shechter catalog is attached. Mine is the one on the left, (Black Cherry with Gold hardware).

schecter 07 specs


Haha, I got the same deal you got

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Sounds like an excellent deal to me.
If you “took advantage of him”, you did it with his full cooperation.

Last December, I bought a pretty immaculate Gregg Bennett Fairlane and a Peavey cabinet amp, including cable, gig bag, strap and stand, for 80 euros. I’m still pretty sure I robbed the seller, but his asking price was €75, and I offered €80 because someone else had bid €75 on it.
He was happy to let it go for that price, and I felt guilty for about 24 hours.
One set of strings and a setup later, and the instrument alone was worth a lot more than the 80 euros I paid for the whole plot.

So… have fun with it! :smiley:


No, serious, I got the same deal.

Well, similar to a T.



Schecter Elite-5
Hard case
Set of strings
Hartke HA2500 250W amp
Hartke VX810 cabinet
Leather Strap
2 x 15’ cables

All for $400

The Bass is an ‘06 5 string. They don’t make Elite anymore, they are now “Studio” from what I gather on their sight, and the Studio 5 retails for $1389 or $1429, I can’t recall which, but, yeah, my Elite 5 was worth $400 alone IMO, and there is an exact one I have on Let Go for $400 right now.

I sold the Amp head for $100
I have the cabinet up for sale for $325, and if I get it, I made $25 on the deal.


I bet you could sell the Roland for $200 ( not that you want to), but, yes, you got that kind of deal, like I got.
Can only be described as SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!


Where did you get that catalog picture. I have searched high and low for more info on my
I would appreciate anything you can provide.

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All Schecter catalogs from 2000 to 2017 are here:

First two numbers of serial number are the year… after that it seems to be pretty random. But once you have the year you can look through the catalog and narrow it down.



Glad to hear that kind of a deal isn’t that uncommon. I’m feeling better about it. He also offered a big amp (250W?) for $75… but I’m on lesson 3. Long time before I’ll need power, and I’ve got the guys number.

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I found the serial number info thru searches, that’s how I knew it was ‘06.:+1:t2:

I guess I didn’t search hard enuf for the catalog on their sight.:pleading_face:
I was searching a lot for price and comps for sale.

Thank you so much for the link, and enjoy.

And, if you ever sell it, I will buy it, I would love a 4 string version next to my 5.

But I only hope you sell it cuz you want to upgrade someday, not because you stop playing. Don’t want that for a second.

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Yep, that’s why I sold / am selling mine. I do not need a full size cab, or that head for it.
When I sell it, I am probably going to get a micro head, like the TC Electronics BH250, and use headphones, and get a 2 x 10 cabinet for it used somewhere.

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Sweet, yeah, sometimes you just find good deals on CL. Someone just wants to sell a bunch of stuff all at once, doesn’t want to deal with too many calls/texts/showings, or they’re moving soon, or just need the cash. Congrats, and wouldn’t feel bad, the seller may be just as happy that everything is now sold.