Create Your Own ‘Click Track’ in GarageBand…

I’ve used GB for a long time and have had trouble with it’s built in metronome - most of the time I can’t hear it, and there’s just no way to make it louder….

For those who have the same problem, I came across This Link that shows a way to make your own “click track” loop that you can insert as a separate track into any GB project…

I’ve used it a bunch of times already and it works great! So much better than a metronome, and when you finish laying all your tracks, you can just remove it from the project before exporting the final production….

Cool think is too that when I’m sharing my projects online with others that lay their tracks down, the “click track” is there for them to also use so that everyone contributing to the project are always using the same click track. Also, using a click track (no drums), it’s much easier to lock into something a bit more substantial when laying down a recorded track…


Drum plugins are great for this and GarageBand’s take on drummers is cool.

This is about 5% of the way towards how I start all my covers - I lay down the drum tracks first :slight_smile:

Laying down entire drum tracks is not very hard in the midi editor. Try it! It’s fun.

This is in Reaper, but most MIDI editors are similar. Most songs have a few repeating drum patters with occasional fills. It doesn’t take that long to do a whole song; you just need to do a few patterns, copy/paste them where needed, in the right order. Then humanize them (a menu item in most DAW’s).