Cross Training with the bass

Has anyone tried some cross training with the bass? Say you have another music skill or skill and put them together.

For example, I can read music, I can sing, and a some relative pitch (depending on how much singing I have been doing).

So, I am singing in the bass section in choir. Covid prevents practice sessions together, so we’ve been given music to practice on our own. I was thinking, maybe I could practice: Sight Reading, the Notes on the Bass Neck, and Singing (and perhaps the ear too) by playing the bass line with my bass.

Anyone every try anything like that?


I think that would be extremely beneficial for many reasons. For one, it would strengthen your knowledge of the fret board, which would give you the ability to play any note you see on a music sheet without thinking or looking at the neck. Secondly, it would blend sight reading with ear training, and the result would be remarkable.
I say, go for it!


No I have not. If I had those skills, then 90% of my bass playing would be exactly that.


I play guitar, and write, used to play a little harmonica, and have been forced to sing since I can’t find anyone to record with…which is the same reason I’m taking up the bass…no one to record with