Curt Mangan strings!?!

I was wondering whether anyone in here has tried Curt Mangan strings (especially their nickel roundwounds) and what their impression/experience was??

Apparently, you can order sets with your mixed&matched gauges… (if you order directly from them; which probably only makes sense in the US).



Just when I think I have my G.A.S. under control, you have to post something like this?!?

Now I have to head to the nearest GAS anonymous meeting before I explode.


Their 55-110 nickel rounds sound interesting. Now that’s a fat set.


I know - the A string (0.90) there is “fatter” than the E string (0.89) on my Thomastik-Infeld set :joy:


I’ve got a set of these on the way. I ordered them weeks ago and they’re finally due to arrive on Monday (possibly even today). These will be the fattest strings I’ve ever played at 52, 73, 95, 110, 128.

According to LaBella’s product description:

The 0760M set was used on virtually every Motown gold record in the 1960s. Donald “Duck” Dunn used the same strings on countless recordings with Otis Redding and Booker T. & the MG’s. They’re the fullest and deepest sounding bass strings ever made.

LaBella Original


What’s the gauge you normally play for your B strings?? Most of the sets I have or have tried had a 130 B string, with the recently acquired fretless having shipped with a whopping 135 B string :open_mouth: Seems almost too much…

In the end, it is “horses for courses” and certainly also personal preferences… (I guess you are not going to slap and pop on those LaBellas :rofl:)


My Ernie Ball Slinkys has a 130 B string, and my DAddaro tapewounds B string is 135. For some reason, all my LaBella flatwounds have been 128, but they sound good. These 1954 Vintage strings I ordered has the same 128 B string, but all the other strings are extremely fat.


Um… no! I am not a fan of slapping and popping, but if I ever change my thinking, I’ll get a dedicated bass for that.

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I know… and not with these strings either! I was teasing you… :wink:

The background is that I want to learn at least a little bit of slapping and popping and it seems that stainless steel strings are best suited for that… but I just don’t like the feel of them… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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