Custom Amplifier from a Local Seller

So, while still in the look for a bass amp (I’ve got a couple on the list like Fender Rumble, Hartke HD50 etc) I stumbled upon this custom bass amp from Facebook Marketplace and is sold by a local seller (Philippines) for $240. It’s a multipurpose amp with 13x2 speaker setup, 220W, weighs around 25 kilos. That’s the only specs the seller could provide and a video sound check below.

He sent a couple of buyer feedback and everyone seems satisfied.

Do you think its a good risk to get this kind of amp? I’m positive to get for the specs provided but would like to get some insight from this forum as well.

Thank you!


Personally I would stick to the name brands for now, like the Fender Rumble you mentioned. If you ever decide to sell it would be much easier than trying to sell a custom amp. Also, 25kg seems a bit on the heavy side. Check the specs for the Fender Rumbles … most come in half that weight.

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Could be great -
The danger with any custom anything is…
If it doesn’t work, there’s only one person who can fix it, usually.
If you ever want to sell it, it is very hard to sell compared to a brand that people recognize.

But if you’re a gambling type, this could be a great gamble.
I don’t know.
I’m not the gambling type.


Custom and expensive can be good custom and cheap usually Meh!

It looks like a PA conversion which is not the best for bass, and that’s not exactly cheap, lol.
Just get the Rumble, you’d be a lot more happy.

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Thank you all for the responses. Looks like Rumble wins the game :slight_smile:

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