Custom Builds

Any one here Ever done any Custom stuff? I do leather work as my main hobby outside of bass playing. Has anyone ever used the forum to offer Custom items such as Straps, Fret wraps, Or even custom built Bass’s before? Or did I miss/forget something in the guidelines saying you shouldn’t? Just curious. Also does anyone do any Trade’s here?


I sure wish I did. I just sit behind server consoles all day…


There are no rules, and there is nothing against it, only Bass Buzz itself, does not become involved in anything.
We do not have and it has been decided we don’t want a dedicated thread for sales, so you won’t find a For sale thread, or a Wanted thread, but you are welcome to talk about things you have for sale, and / or trade when you have something to sell or trade.
This would sort of be done in its own thread, or somewhere within another thread if done in a way it does not derail the thread.

For instance, in show us your basses thread, you could post a picture of your bass(s), and then say you are going to put it up for sale on Reverb, but if any Bass Buzzer wants first crack at it, you will give it to them for a better price since you won’t be dealing with seller fees to Reverb.

Or you could ask in an AMP thread if anybody has any particular amps for sale.

Of course, if you have leather crafts that are for Bass, you could create a thread for it in the Lounge, and show your items, and list prices, estimated shipping, and then leave it open for questions, and even set up orders that wold be moved to PM once it gets serious.

Feel free to tell us about your leather, and post pictures and list prices if you have them, I do think it is best to do it in the Lounge, even if it is stuff that could be considered Bass gear, like straps.

Also, I am not any authority here in bass buzz, i am just a regular forum member just like you and the next guy, so what I say is only suggestion based on my take on things.
Others may have better suggestions, and / or think differently about things I have said, and I can correct any of the information shared if / when necessary.


Thanks for the info. I may do that someday.