Custom Sound Colt 100B

This is a 100w Bass amp apparently. Anyone know anything about them?
There is one on Facebook Marketplace for £40

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I’ve never heard of it but I’m not an authority. I did some searching and there is very little information on this amplifier. The lack of information peeked my interest so I did a deep dive through google to see what I could figure out.

Custom Sound Solid State Technology Ltd
Location: Oswestry, England (near the border with Wales)
Run by: Barry Phillips and his assistant David Gutteridge

The company failed in 1982 and was bought by Audio Fidelity who continued the line of amplifiers but closed facilities in Oswestry. I don’t know if this is referring to Audio Fidelity Records, Inc., who later changed its name to Audiofidelity Enterprises, Inc. If this is them, they started falling apart in 1984 and went defunct in 1997 when they were purchased out of bankruptcy by Colliers Media Company who only wanted their back catalog of music.

After all that and various other sources, it was probably made around 1982 and was considered a “budget friendly” amp. The company only made solid state amps and their guitar and P.A models seem to have been prone to heat problems. I couldn’t find anything about the heat troubles with the Bass amps.

Lastly, there was something about their bass amp being only 75 watts unless you added a second cabinet to get the full 100 watts. Although, that could be a different model.

Good luck and I hope this helps.