DAI setup

Hi, what is everyone using to play their bass through the computer so you can hear it and the lesson through headphones and how did you set it up?

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I’m fairly new at this myself but here are the essentials of what you need:

  • Your Bass
  • PC
  • DAI (ex Motu M2)
  • Instrument cable
  • Studio Headphones or 1/4" headphone jack adapter

Generally the DAI’s are actually quite user friendly to setup and get going. Most have their own little simple manuals to follow which involve downloading drivers.

You’ll also want software to record/listen which often also comes with the purchase of whatever DAI you’ve chosen (usually).

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Alternatively Nick, if you don’t want to go through the PC and don’t care for recording you could get a headphone bass amplifier.

This will make it so that only you can hear yourself and is remarkably quiet.

But if you still want to go with a DAI, you’ll have to spend some time learning the software that comes with it. You’ll pick it up eventually and get used to it as you go.

If you have any questions let me know.