Dancing Queen - 16th notes etc

So someone suggested Dancing Queen by Abba to me and it looks like a lifetime project… I’m using this transcription which seems pretty accurate: https://freebasstranscriptions.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/ABBA-Dancing-Queen-2020-.pdf
I’ve had to employ good old beat ruler to wrap my head around bars 7 and 8. My first question is: Why does he use 2 tied 16th notes and an 8th for the end of bar 8 and not just 2 8th? Is it just because the G# becomes a G and then he reinstates the G# for the future? I don’t get it.

And could someone check if I got it right? I use + for normal notes, o for pause and x for dead notes?

Thank you sooo much, this thing is driving me slightly crazy, yet so much fun.


From what I see it’s a G tied to a G sharp which is a bit odd, not sure if you play that as a slide or a hammer on as neither are indicated.

That said confused on your question as they would need to be 16th regardless.


I thought when it’s tied, the second note isn’t actually played but its length is added to the first, no?
So far, I’ve played it as a slide cause that makes it easier to get to the E anyway.

Edit: Upon listening again, I’d say I can hear the G-G# succession. Aaand I looked the tie up again and discovered the slur: Slur (music) - Wikipedia
That’s what it must be.
Thank you! It sometimes just helps to write it down and have someone not understand the question. :sweat_smile:


Playing it as a slide or a hammer-on is the way to go.
Looks great to me!


Thank you! :blush:


As a bonus @Regina you could listen to the guy who wrote the bass line play it for you. If this helps.


Oh I have! But watching the master and translating it into my brain and hands and onto my bass is quite a journey.


When someone is derisive about pop I always think ABBA, who have many great basslines and arrangements and harmonies.

Here’s another take on Dancing Queen with a slightly different tone