Darryl Jones: In The Blood (Documentary)

I’m sure I don’t need to go into a long explanation of who Darryl is. Suffice to say he played with Miles Davis, Sting and is now the bass player for The Rolling Stones.

The first 30 minutes were basically everyone singing his praises and I was a little concerned that this was simply going to be a giant love fest. Thankfully no.

Darryl describes his life growing up in Chicago. The amazing schools he went to while growing up that really focused on music. How (and why) he picked up the bass. Who influenced him. His parents and their role.

Then it moves on to the day he got “The Call” from Miles Davis when Darryl was just 21. What it was like to tour with him and the things Darryl learned. Actually, the entire documentary is like a master class in the art of being a bass player as he sees it.

There’s not a lot about life with The Stones but Mick and the boys sing his praises repeatedly.

The last part focuses on a side project that he’s working on. Or maybe he’s done. No idea, but again, very insightful.

I paid $4.99 to watch it on Amazon Prime. I would have paid 4X that.


Thanks for the heads up.

Sounds great. In my queue now.

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I may just rent it myself. Of course, as always, I’ll record it and put it on my Plex server so I can watch it as many times as I want, and into the future.

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i still find it endlessly annoying that my favorite band wont make him an official member