Dean Jon Lawhon Hillsboro Sea Foam Green JLHBSFG

Came across this pretty sweet looking Bass at Proaudiostar.

Has anyone ever seen this Bass before, or have experience with the products that Dean puts out?

Also, anyone have any experience with Proaudiostar as a company?

Here’s a picture of the Bass in case you don’t want the temptation of clicking the link :wink:

Let me know your thoughts below!


I have not done any business with Pro Audio Star. Nor have I heard of anyone on BassBuzz commenting on doing business with them.

You might want to check and see if they have any reviews there. Their site is massive. When I research stuff I almost always end up there at some point.

As for Dean, they are a well established company with a wide range of basses but I’ve never heard of that model.

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I like its funky shape (P-bass meets Spector/Warwick) and love the color. And that pickguard!

headstock shape is good too, especially with black hardware.


And that key logo on the 12th… darn beautiful.

It does not seem to even exist in EU


$50 cheaper than musiciansfriend but they only do free shipping inside the states