Dean Razor?

My Jackson Spectra is being warranty replaced. I’m told it could be months before the replacement arrives. This does not help my Beginner to Badass progress! A friend is selling a couple of basses. Any opinions on these?


All thoughts depend on $ :slight_smile: But this talkbass thread (from 14 yrs ago) seems happy with their Dean Razor…

It’s neck-thru, which I think my next bass (way in the future) will be, for no specific reason other than I like the idea of a neck-thru bass… It’s active, if you want an active bass.

The most I found from a quick search on the Peavey is that it’s not a bad beginner bass for it’s price.

At any rate, I’m sure either will be perfect for B2B. But if you’re just looking for a spare to tide you over until your Jackson comes home, why not just grab the cheaper one (which should be the Peavey, from what I’ve read). Even better, maybe your friend will lend you one for a while. :slight_smile:

Good luck…


Is the bass going to be a keeper?
I would be tempted with the Dean but I do like natural wood

I’m just starting out, so I think you should at least have two, right?? I’d plan for it to be a keeper, and based on what I’ve seen the Dean would be an upgrade over my Jackson Spectra.

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Two is just the start of a downward slide :joy:
I’m up to 4 , just ordered my fifth and there’s always another out there I will “need”


Well you see I need a four string, a four string shorty, a five string, a six string, a fretless… :rofl:


Well :joy::joy::joy: I’m about to buy my third and I’ve been at it less than a year :+1::+1:


The Dean looks more unique to me while the Peavey has some good reviews. Since it’s your friend can’t you just play them for a bit before you make the final decision? :wink: