Death of a Pope

The Pope dies and goes to Heaven.

St. Peter warmly greets him at the Pearly Gates and takes him to Heaven’s Orientation Center where he gets his photo identification, receives some coupons, and a welcome packet with tickets for the ‘Angels vs Saints’ game that evening.

He then gives him a quick tour of some of the streets leading up to his new residence. There are barber shops, and restaurants, with lots of retail stores and supermarkets along the way. Except for the fact that there are no cars anywhere, the Pope is very surprised to find that Heaven is so much like Earth.

But St. Peter assures him that he is indeed in the right place.

They finally arrive at the Pope’s new home . . . a modest, but very nice townhouse overlooking some of the major thoroughfares. While St. Peter explains Heaven’s mass transportation system, the Pope looks up to see a very large white mansion on a hilltop, surrounded by sweeping, well-manicured lawns with groves of fruit trees, and topped off with very ornate iron fencing and a massive gate.

He asks about it, and St. Peter replies, “Oh . . yes . . . that is where Mr. Richardson lives. On Earth, he used to be a personal injury attorney.”

The Pope thinks for a moment and says, “I don’t mean to complain, but I’d really like to speak to the Lord about this if you don’t mind.”

Within seconds, Jesus appears and greets the Pope. The Pope apologizes and says, “I’m very sorry, Lord. I’m not ungrateful or anything . . . and I really like my new townhome, but I was the Pope, you know.”

Jesus just smiled and replied, “Oh . . . we have lots of Popes up here . . . but we never had a lawyer before.”


That made me LoL!

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Thanks, @eric.kiser . . . :slight_smile:


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