Decided to try a Short Scale Bass

I am finding a normal bass a little hard with my left hand and I am having to move/slide up and down the frets to play. So I have decided to treat myself and buy a short scale bass which has a lot of positive reviews for those with smaller hands.

The bass in question is a Ibanez GSRM20 GIO Series MiKro Short Scale - picture below. Should get it next week and will let you all know (because I know you are interested :wink: ) how I get on.



Awesome, I have one in Roadster Orange, to match my SR300 in the same color.
They are fun


Welcome to the wonderful world of the short scale. I chose this route due to a couple of shoulder operations and I’m really enjoying it. I have the Gretsch as played by Royal Blood on this forum post - Favourite genre of music? - so any failings are purely mine and not the bass.

Look forward to some photo’s when it arrives.


@gragil1 Graem that is a sweet looking bass, I love the dark grain. Ibanez are just so well made and quality components. I hope time flies. :slight_smile:
The short scale I would like a shot of is the Hofner violin/Beatle bass. Just so different from anything else. Maybe Santa will bring me one :santa:
Look forward to hearing what you think of it as I would like short scale for my wife.
:guitar: :slight_smile: :guitar:


Nice! Feel free to join in our discussion on short scales: