Deciding between 3 models

Hi everyone,

I finished the course a week ago and I am currently debating between 3 models that are available for my budget.

During the course there were a lot of exercises that are beyond fret 12 and they were a bit difficult, So I’m really in the direction of a guitar with 24 frets.

Okay, so these are the models:

  • Yamaha TRBX174
  • Ibanez GSR200
  • ESP LTD B-10

much thanks for your recommendation :thinking:


All three of those are probably solid for you. Note that the GSR200 has 22 frets, not 24.

One thing I will note is that out of the three, only the TRBX has a normal P, and the other two have reverse P pickups. This is a very minor difference but some people prefer one over the other for thumbrest position.

All three will be high quality instruments, probably basically equivalent.

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Depending on where you live, you can likely find some or all of those at local shops to try them out before you buy one. None of those are far superior than the other in any way… but one might feel way more natural to you in your hands and that is the one you should buy.

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Yeah that’s great advice.

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Josh’s verdict on the GSR200 was do not buy, if I remember correctly

I would rather save up some more and get better instrument than those 3. What are you using right now?

I recently bought a gsr200, and it’s great. It’s took me a while to get used to it, but it’s great…love the tone. I know Josh gave it a bit of a bashing, but it suits me fine. I bought it online from a local store that ships all over without trying first, due to lockdown, but a quick email to the shop confirmed I could bring it back if it wasn’t what I was after.


Yeah. What I would recommend is to look at used Yamaha BB234’s and TRBX304’s, Ibanez SR300’s, and maybe some Cort’s.

Buying a better instrument used is nearly always a better plan.

That said, those are all going to be quality instruments - just likely will be outgrown.


Solid advice.

I will be selling a bass soon, and it is in pristine condition. I just have another bass I am in love with. Point is there is some great instruments to be had used.

Yup, the Cort Action PJ, which was the budget winner in Josh’s beginner bass reviews, has 24 frets as well. The big question though is:

@salemslave if you’re looking for your “next” bass, it’s probably a good idea to get something that’s actually a step up from what you are playing now.


Totally true. @salemslave, if you’ve finished the course, that means you have a bass now. Those basses you listed are three entry level basses. Realistically instead of those, your best bet would be to look ahead a bit and grab a midrange bass after saving a bit more.

Used, very good condition midrange basses typically run in the $300-$400USD range.

The thing about midrange basses is that usually they are every bit as capable as much more expensive basses, they just may lack frills like exotic woods or boutique electronics. But you can gig and record with many midrange basses essentially forever; you will not outgrow them, even if you eventually want more.

And there are many. Ibanez SR500/650/etc, Yamaha TRBX504/604, Yamaha BB434 or 734, ESP LTD B4E, Sterling Ray34s, Warwick Rockbasses, the list goes on and on.

Buying one of those used is a much better idea than buying another entry level bass new.


Agreed that used is always worth looking into. Someone else already took the depreciation hit, so if you buy a great condition used bass for a fair price, you can always turn around and sell it for the same amount you paid if you don’t like it. It is a great way to get a higher quality instrument for a better price. It isn’t underwear, it is ok that someone else has used it for a little while.



First of all - much much thanks to everyone! **
The information really helpful!!** :sparkling_heart:
this thing is so confusing… :confused:

I currently have a Parksons Bass guitar, and that guitar is not something at all …
I took the whole course with this guitar and it was more or less okay -
so I believe right now every guitar is a kind of jump,

The thing is = I got 2 more guitars on the list that look really really promising,
But I do not know these models, what do you say?
Is it worth going for them? ( 90% percent eventually probably go for the FENDER)

DEAN EDGE 3 - What’s special about this guitar ?? Why it’s cost $ 700?

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By the way have you seen Josh’s beginner bass reviews? Might help you with the decision making.

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Honestly the advice above still holds - you have a functioning bass now, saving ~$350 for a used midrange bass is your best bet :slight_smile:

I got my TRBX604 used for the equivalent of $325USD and it’s a bass I could use for the rest of my life. You can do the same. The used market opens up so many doors.

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