Deep thoughts: handwriting + bass + flow

had a thought and figured i would mention it here.

my handwriting it basically unreadable, even to me. when i write, i do so one letter at a time, as if to say in my head i am thinking “ok now write a B, next is an A, then we are gonna do an S and then another S.” but, when i see other people write who have good handwriting, it does not look like they write one letter at a time, it looks like they just elegantly move their hand and out comes printed words. in other words, they “flow” the words onto the page, versus picking up and putting down one letter at a time. this is something i have always been jealous of.

i am finding bass is very similar: right now i am still fretting each note one at a time, and thinking in my head “oh now the 4th fret on the E, then we are gonna do the 6th fret on the D…, etc…” but when i see others play who are good, it looks like they just flow the notes out. it is like right now i am walking by thinking about every step, rather than just flowing my legs and feet into movement.

on bass so far i have flowed for just a second or two once or twice, so i have had a taste (never had that with handwriting) and so kind of feel like i will get there, but right now it is very elusive. i feel like in my head when i start to flow is when this starts to feel really good.


You would probably get along well with Victor Wootens style of teaching; I recommend looking at some of his interview videos on YouTube. He compares music to spoken language, and it makes a lot of sense as musicians who grew up playing by ear generally are far better improvisers than classically trained musicians who studied theory.