Diary of my first 2 years on bass

This month marks the 2 year anniversary of me learning bass, thought I’d share my diary so far. (There’s nothing interesting about it, I’m just bored.)

If you too have something similar you’d like to share then go ahead, I’d be curious to see other people’s journeys after B2B.

Month Songs Courses, books, etc Gear Misc
2020.07. B2B Ibanez SR500E
Fender Rumble 40
2020.08. Crazy
Highway to Hell
Bad Moon Rising
Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2
Hound Dog
2020.09. Yellow
With or Without You
Bass Hanon *
2020.10. Testify *
Only Happy When It Rains
Come As You Are
The Thing That Should Not Be *
2020.11. Lady Marmalade
Gimme All Your Lovin
Finger Gym *
Improve Your Groove *
2020.12. Livin’ on a Prayer * Finger Gym (2)
Improve Your Groove (2)
2021.01. Finger Gym (3)
Improve Your Groove (3,4,5)
Rich Brown groove exercises
2021.03. B2B First 50 challenge:
Another Brick in the Wall
Bad Moon Rising Crazy
Fender Duff PJ (Thomann)
2021.06. Improve Your Groove finished, except last 2 pieces (too fast) Fender Duff PJ (Gear4Music)
2021.09. Creep
Born Under a Bad Sign (+ cover)
Only Happy When It Rains (cover)
Otherside (cover)
Down on the Corner
Ariane Cap 1, 2 Lakland Skyline 44-64 GZ PJ TP
2021.10. Come As You Are (cover)
Lady Marmalade (cover)
Jeremy *
Ariane cap 3 Lakland Skyline DJ-4 MN NT Picking
2021.11. Come as You Are (pick cover)
Creep (cover)
Down on the Corner (cover)
Man on the Moon (+ cover)
Hysteria @ 70 bpm
Ariane cap 4, 5*
2021.12. Hysteria @ 80 bpm
Pedal Power 2 → plus 3
Polytune 3 Noir
MXR M87 → Darkglass Hyper Luminal
Big Muff
2022.01. MXR Chorus
2022.02. Alpha-Omega
2022.03. Hysteria @ 90 bpm Ariane cap Poly Blue
2022.04. Under the Bridge Ariane cap
2022.06. Ariane cap (fin) MicroBass 3
Mercury 7
Scarlett 2i2
2022.07. Walking Bass Lines

That’s cool. Never thought of doing that.


Nice! What do the asterisks mean? Work in progress?


Yes, things I did not complete (either still in progress, or I gave up on them)